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We have partnered with Dream Come True K9 to rehabilitate the dogs in our program. 

Blake Rodriguesz

Lead Dog Trainer & Founder of Dream Come True K9

Since 2011, Dream Come True K9 has been helping rehabilitate dogs and owners around the world. Known for helping any breed, any size and problem with multiple success stories; Dream Come True K9 quickly became the go-to dog training facility in NYC.  

Owner and Founder, Blake Rodriguez, a Manhattan, NY native is a world-renowned dog behavior specialist and mentor known for his ability to successfully rehabilitate extreme cases, while also providing a common sense approach to dog training for his clients. Blake has had a long time compassion for dogs and in the early years of his career, he and his infamous dog Soco, attracted attention in the local dog parks with how well behaved Soco was. As Blake started gaining recognition from NYC residents, they began asking him to walk their dogs that had behavioral issues. Blake quickly became well known in the area for walking large numbers of dogs simultaneously, that previously didn’t get along. Soon enough, his skill and natural training ability was helping transform dog’s behaviors all over New York. Blake soon realized the necessary need to help owners who faced these challenges and within two years of Blake’s highly sought after services he opened his first company in 2011, Dream Come True K9, LLC, with the logo inspired by his dog Soco.  

By 2012, Blake’s expertise had sparked attraction from dog owners and dog trainers nation wide. As Blake started traveling to help owners in need, he started growing a small team based in NYC to continue offering dog walking services while he focused on his true skill as a dog trainer.  

From 2013 to 2014, Blake was traveling internationally and the demand for his services was sky-rocketing, which allowed him to open a two floor dog training facility on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, NY.  

Blake has learned from some of the best trainers in the industry, while adding his own unique approach to training to make it his own. He is also a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) and in 2016 was asked to present at the yearly conference alongside other well known dog trainers in the industry. In February of 2017, Blake was featured on TruTV as the Dog Behavior expert on an episode of World’s Greatest Pets. In April of 2017, Soco was trained by Blake to be the cadaver dog in an episode of Investigation Discovery’s Scene of the Crime with Tony Harris.

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