Paw Stories Inc. is a registered 501(c)3 organization which exists to help put an end to needless euthanizations of dogs in rescues/shelters and fosters throughout NYC. 


We are driven to help prevent unnecessary euthanizations by correcting unwanted behavior by adoptable dogs through training.  

Our mission is to offer training to adoptable dogs so they may find their loving forever home. We believe in changing lives through understanding, love and training. Rescue dogs have been through enough trauma and need loving care in order to heal.  

By working together with rescue groups and the foster community we plan on creating a foundation for all of us to change lives together.

We depend entirely on donations and rely on digital outreach to help achieve our funding needs. We believe Non-profits need to be all across social media with all kinds of rich digital content. We love what we do and we can't wait to share our stories with the world!

Let's do something wonderful together! 

paw stories

What makes Paw Stories different? We seek to slot in with rescues, fosters and volunteers to help give the people who handle dogs the tools they need to facilitate a safe handling environment. We've heard countless stories of dogs who fail evaluations simply due to lack of training and high levels of stress in the dog. We believe deep down that these dogs don't deserve to be put down because of a fixable behavioral mistake. 

In the course of our program we have met many sweet, lovely dogs who may have been put down without our help. Getting positive results absolutely warms our hearts and drives us to do more every day. 

At this time we do not board or house dogs in our facility. We train at our flagship location and at parks around NYC.  

Changing a dog's life is the most rewarding thing in the world!

Try our program. Try your best. Make a difference.

With the right tools, knowledge and understanding we believe that you will feel more confident developing a bond with dogs in the future.

Finally get the peace of mind you deserve.