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Paw Stories offers free dog training to adoptable dogs who were rescued from the dog meat trade.

Paw Stories is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that serves the dog rescue community in NYC.

We believe every dog deserves a second chance at finding a loving forever home. We are here to help. 

We offer free training for potential adopters and their dogs to ensure they can provide the right environment the dog needs to thrive

By working with potential adopters and training dogs together we ensure that the adoption is the right fit.


Our Mission

We are driven to change the lives of adoptable dogs through training.

Our mission is to provide training to adoptable dogs so they may find their loving forever home. We believe in changing lives through understanding, love and training. Rescue dogs have been through enough trauma and need loving care in order to heal. 

By working together with Korean K9 Rescue and Dream Come True K9 we plan on creating a foundation for all of us to change lives together.

Provide training for dogs from Korean K9 Rescue

Start making a difference. Most dogs in rescue are stressed, nervous and anxious. Our passion is making sure these lovable dogs get the preparation they need to transition back into domesticated life. 

Follow the journey of the dogs with our trainers at Dream Come True K9.

We aim to help grow the dog loving community by empowering motivated individuals to get the necessary training to make an impact in the lives of others. Learn alongside Paw Stories to help transform dogs and change lives!

Give the dogs a second chance at life.

Our goal is to help correct problematic behaviors so these dogs can be adopted into loving homes.  

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Radical Transparency

Paw Stories is designed to bridge the gaps that exist in the rescue space. We empower adopters by giving them the knowledge they need to have happy relationships with the dogs in their lives. 

To impact the greater dog loving community we plan to host events across NYC so humans and their dogs can have the knowledge they need to enhance their interactions together.  

We started Paw Stories to make a difference, so let's do something wonderful together!

Help our program. Change lives. Make a difference.

With the right tools, knowledge and understanding we believe that we can create a better way of life for dogs through our programs. Finally these dogs can get the life they deserve. 

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